LED signage display has come out to be a popular method of advertising any product, brand, or service. Companies install giant LED signage displays on streets and along highways. A reliable control system for LED signage display is very important. But when it comes to LED signage displays, people are always confused between synchronous and asynchronous LED signage displays. This article is aimed to present a fair comparison between synchronous and asynchronous LED signage displays and will tell you which one is better? 

What is a synchronous control system?

Suppose you are not already familiar with a synchronous control system. Let me tell you what it is. Synchronous control system displays the content in real-time that is displayed on a computer or other input device such as DVD, camera, TV, VCR, etc., connected to it. A wide range of content can be displayed, i.e., video, photo, and so on. The content will be displayed as long as there is a connection between the LED screen and the input device.

Features of the synchronous LED display

Features of the synchronous LED display are as follow:

  1. It consists of a sending card, a receiving card, and a control software.
  2. The display can be controlled and edited on a computer or the input device.
  3. It displays real-time content.
  4. The content is displayed as long as the computer is connected.

The synchronous LED signage can be used for multiple purposes such as a rental display for events, advertising, indoor and outdoor display, etc. 

What is an asynchronous LED display?

An asynchronous LED display is quite the opposite of an synchronous LED signage display. The content to be displayed is first edited on the computer, and then it is sent to the screen control card by UTP cat5, USB disk, WiFi, 3G, or any other way, where it is stored. So, it is not required to connect the LED display to a computer every time. Now let me tell you the features of an asynchronous LED display. 

Features of the asynchronous LED display

Some of the common features of asynchronous LED displays are given below to make it easy for you to understand them. 

  1. It is installed in places where there is no control room present for managing the computer. 
  2. They are usually not available in large sizes. 
  3. The computer needs not to be connected all the times.
  4. Simple operation, a wide range of applications, and low price. 
  5. The content can be controlled according to the area. 

Synchronous vs. asynchronous LED signage display: Which is better?

Now that you’ve learned the distinctions between synchronous and asynchronous LED signs displays, it’s time to put them to use. You might be wondering, “Which one is better for me?” Well, that depends on the type of application. When the control PC is located far away from the display screen, an asynchronous LED display is preferable. Furthermore, where wiring is not possible, an asynchronous LED display is employed. Wouldn’t it be great if you could have both synchronous and asynchronous signage on a single LED display board for advertising? The good news is that Uniview has already created such a display screen for advertising.

Introduce Uniview’s LED display (GX series) and its advantages 

The Uniview’s LED display (GX series) has the highest cost performance, bringing the best balance to budget and high-quality standards. GX series have both synchronous control systems and asynchronous control systems. GX series is designed to provide various benefits, some of which are as follow:

  1. A cost-effective solution for your advertising needs
  2. Multiple cabinet size options, which reduce the numbers of processing and hardware in each cabinet, ultimately reducing manufacturing costs.
  3. Multiple installation methods
  4. Easy service and maintenance (Easy and full front serviceability)
  5. More reliable 
  6. Intelligent module
  7. Ultra-thin design 


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