The best viewing distance of an advertising LED display refers to the optimal distance that lets the viewer’s eyes form a crisp and defined vision of what is displayed. Hence, you need to understand the basic facts about viewing distance to choose a suitable advertising LED display board. Here is a quick guide to viewing distance to help you make the right choices.

Why Considering Viewing Distance on LED Display

Viewing distance plays a pivotal role in choosing an appropriate LED signage display and determining its optimal height. Besides, viewing distance enables you to select a proper pixel pitch for an advertising LED display board. You can say that the viewing distance serves as a reference for the pixel pitch. Essentially, pixel pitch refers to the distance in millimeters between each LED cluster present in an LED screen. It is crucial to determine a suitable viewing distance and pixel pitch as they correspond directly with the resolution to form a defined image.

Relationships between Viewing Distance and Screen Size

It is important to note that the screen size and the viewing distance play an essential role in determining the pixel pitch with a good resolution. The minimum viewing distance can be approximated by deciding on your audience and the location of your advertising LED display. For example, an advertising LED display is mounted on a wall outside a shop located in an area with a lot of car traffic and minimal pedestrian traffic. This screen should have a viewing distance of 8 meters, as it needs to be visible to car drivers because they are the primary audience in this scenario.

Similarly, the total screen size is also essential as, according to the research, a larger screen is more impactful than a smaller screen, irrespective of the screen resolution. Furthermore, all pixels, regardless of their pitch, will look the same at a certain distance. Thus, viewing distance is crucial for displaying a clearly defined image over an LED screen.

Factors Affecting LED Viewing Distance

  • Pixel Pitch: As mentioned earlier, it refers to the distance between adjacent LED clusters on an LED screen. Viewers can view the screen closely without seeing the individual LED lights for a finer pitch. On the other hand, for a higher pitch, the minimum viewing distance increases. A typical rule is that an efficient viewing distance refers to 10 feet for each millimeter of the pitch. In addition, individual LED lights turn visible at a range closer than the minimum viewing distance, and the whole experience is ruined.
  • Resolution:The resolution of the advertising LED display is of utter importance because the top quality of the LED display is very different from the top quality of the LCD. Eventually, it comes down to what is displayed, and the appropriate resolution since each LED display module consists of a few hundred pixels and not thousands.

How to Estimate the Best Viewing Distance for LED Displays?

You can determine the best viewing distance for displays of any size by using this basic formula.

  1. Minimum viewing distance

By converting the pixel pitch to meters, the minimum distance can be calculated. (Pixel pitch (mm)×1000/1000) For example, the minimum viewing distance of an LED screen with a pitch of 8mm is 8 meters.

  1. Optimum viewing distance

The optimum distance is three times the minimum viewing distance. (Pixel pitch(mm) × 3000/1000) For example, if the minimum viewing distance is 10, the optimum distance is 30.

  1. Maximum viewing distance

The maximum distance is determined by the height of the screen. (Screen height × 30) For example, a LED screen with a height of 1 meter can be viewed from a distance of 30 meters.

Remember, the values obtained from these formulas are suitable, but still, some people may find it difficult to see the display because eyesight shifts from one individual to another.

Uniview’s LED Display (GX Series)

Companies invest tons of money towards marketing via an advertising LED display, which is why factors such as viewing distance and resolution play a significant role in choosing the right LED manufacturer. Moreover, customer support and supply should also be taken into account. As even though some suppliers may offer you a cheaper quote, it may come with unintended risks. The probability of no customer support and serviceability in such a scenario is very high.

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Viewing distance is an important consideration that helps you make well-informed decisions regarding displays. Along these lines, Uniview remains one of the worldwide leading LED display manufacturers with practical experience in providing high-quality design, research & development, production, and distribution. You can contact us to learn more about how choosing the right supplier boosts your marketing campaign.