If you are running a company, you must know how advertising can be cost-effective and give you no outcome when carried out through ineffective methods. Companies do invest a huge sum of money in advertising their product and services. Everyone asks, what is the most effective and proven method of advertising? Well, thanks to the newly developed advertising LED display, the marketing has made simple and effective. But while selecting advertising LED display, people make the mistake of undermining the grayscale of the screen. In this article, I have discussed the grayscale of an advertising LED display and will help you find the best advertising LED display.


Grayscale is a technical term in color science. In simplest terms, grayscale can be defined as the range of shades of gray without any apparent color. The darkest shade is black, which represents the absence of transmitted or reflected light, while the lightest is white, representing the presence of transmitted or reflected light. Grayscale images are different from one-bit bi-tonal black-and-white images, also known as bilevel or binary images, as they only have two colors: black and white. Instead, grayscale images have multiple shades of gray in between, measuring light’s intensity at each pixel according to a particular weighted combination of frequencies or wavelengths.  For display technology, grayscale is the critical factor in colors displayed, the higher the gray level, the richer the displayed color, the finer the picture, and the more detailed the details. Today grayscale images intended for visual display are commonly stored with 8 bits per sampled pixel. This pixel depth allows 256 different shades of gray to be recorded, and also simplifies computation as each pixel sample can be accessed individually as one full byte.

What is the grayscale of an LED display?

Now that you have a sufficient understanding of the grayscale let’s discuss what the grayscale of an LED display is. In display screen screens, it is referred to the number of shades a color can have from light to dark. Grayscale is an important determining factor while selecting the type of advertising LED display. The higher the grayscale, the better would be the quality of the display, but there are certain other aspects that determine the quality of the display. 

Levels of Grayscale 

Now let’s discuss the levels of grayscale. The levels of grayscale are usually measured in terms of bits. Most outdoor and indoor LED displays have 13bit grayscale giving a very attractive and pleasant display. But the quality of the pictures improves when the bit increases. For example, the LED display with a grayscale level of 14 or higher shows a very rich and vibrant display. So, the level of grayscale is equally important. 

Difference between grayscale and brightness of the LED display 

Usually, the grayscale and brightness of the LED display are taken the same, but there are some differences between them. Let’s highlight those differences together. The grayscale is also known as half-tone and is mainly used to transmit pictures. The grayscale determines the clarity of the image. In contrast, the brightness of an LED display is the perceived intensity of the light coming from the screen. Furthermore, grayscale is a group of shades without any visible color, and it only contains brightness information, not the actual color. The brightness of a screen in collaboration with the grayscale determines the quality of the picture. 

How to choose your best-LED display with the right grayscale?

Let me help you in finding the best-LED display with the right grayscale. While buying an advertising LED display, always remember to check the grayscale of the screen.Should you be searching for a reliable advertising LED display solution for your marketing campaign. Then let me recommend you the best product you can find in the market, i.e., Astro series manufactured by Uniview LED signage display

Astro series are designed for indoor rental applications. The visual experience is just perfect. There are many advantages of using this screen, some of which are as below:

  1. Optimum screen flatness
  2. Modular design for easy maintenance 
  3. Super light in weight, i.e., 7.4kg
  4. The installation is super simple and quick.
  5. It can be shaped in any form, like flat, curved, corner screen depending upon your application.
  6. High resolution and pleasant display


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