With the rise in the demand for stage performances, especially dance performances, the stage is the main focal point of the performance, which plays a key role in beautifying the event and increasing the aesthetical look. You must have been to a performance where the lighting synchronizes with the performance. It creates a whole new vibe to the atmosphere. Have you ever wondered how do the stage team manages to achieve so much perfection with the lighting? Thanks to the interactive floor LED, you can bring variation and beauty to the stage. If you are here to know more about the interactive floor LED, read till the end. 

The applications of interactive floor LED.

Interactive floor LEDs are designed to provide an immersive experience solution. As a result, it is widely used in many applications, the most prominent of which include stage decoration, weddings, concerts, commercial applications, catwalk, hotel decorations, shopping mall advertisement, virtual presence reality, and many more. Hence they have become an ideal choice for stage events and parties. 

The interactive principle of the interactive floor screen

The interactive floor screen is a cutting-edge digital ground display that combines microcomputer digital processing, video synchronization control, and improved circuit protection. The basic principle behind the interactive floor screen is the setting of a pressure sensor or capacitive sensor on the floor tile. When a person interacts with the floor, these sensors sense the position of the person, and feedback is triggered. The main controller receives the signal, and the corresponding effect is displayed. 

Furthermore, the interactive floor screen is supported by a strong die-cast aluminum alloy support mechanism and a high-strength  mask. Its excellent load-bearing capability is due to the alloy material. An interactive multimedia system including a capture device, a data transceiver, a data processor, and an LED floor display is utilized to give a smooth, seamless display.

The advantages of capacitive sensors for interactive floor screens

The interactive LED floor screens are designed to give an immersive display based on the movements of objects and performers. Let me tell you the other advantages of capacitive sensors for interactive floor screens. 

  1. Ultra-fast refresh rate
  2. Highly sensitive, which detects minute motion and pressure variations
  3. Very accurate
  4. High reliability and long life
  5. Seamless and attractive display that is in total harmony with the performance

The development prospect of interactive floor LED.

The interactive floor LED displays today we have as a result of continuous improvements and advancements. Before the emergence of these displays, luminous floor tiles were used for commercial decoration applications. The luminous floor ties could display patterns on the floor tiles, which are only controlled by a pre-defined program. Over the period, high sensitive sensors were manufactured which could interact with the people on the stage. The latest sensors can sense the accurate position of the performers and then display the content based on the interaction. The development prospect of interactive floor LED looks very promising. 

Where to find the right interactive floor LED? 

Finding the right interactive floor LED is a bit technical when the market is so saturated. But don’t worry, you have arrived at the right place. I have done the complete market research and concluded that Uniview is the best interactive floor LED supplier. To help you better understand the company and its capabilities, let me elaborate with the help of a product. 

Uniview LED display (I series)

Uniview LED display I series is an ideal choice for brand owners or sellers to interact with customers. The product has an extremely short response time, high stability, and a wide viewing angle to provide customers with an outstanding interactive experience. Let me tell you some other benefits of using this advertising LED display:

  1. It is easy to use and repair
  2. It has no delays in the interaction effects
  3. It is highly stable 
  4. Wide viewing angle
  5. Adjustable height
  6. Super load-bearing performance 


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