LED advertising displays have been increasingly popular in recent years; you can see them almost anywhere. They’re used to promote a product or service, provide instructions, and display other data. However, because the screen is electronic equipment, it will have various faults and losses during the process, which must be rectified by technicians through proper inspection and maintenance. There are two types of maintenances in general: front maintenance and back maintenance. In this article, I will tell you the differences between the front and rear maintenance of advertising LED displays

The front maintenance of LED display

Usually, inside the building, there is congested space; as a result, wall-mounted installation is preferred. When the display is mounted on a wall or roof, it is not possible to disassemble it every time for maintenance. Therefore, the screen must have a front access system. Front maintenance of LED display is integrated with the surrounding environment to reduce the overall thickness of the LED display structure. The primary objective is to save space, but this type of congesting setting often affects the heat dissipation performance of the device. 

The rear maintenance of LED display

In the rear maintenance of an advertising LED display, there are door-like openings to provide easy access to the internal parts of the screen. This type of maintenance is the most common one, and it can be found in both indoor, and outdoor advertising LED displays. This sort of maintenance is more efficient and simple. It is usually easier for employees to reach and maintain large LED displays located on the exterior of the building from the backside.

The differences between the front and rear maintenance of LED display

I’m sure you’ve gotten a decent idea of the distinctions between the two sorts of maintenance approaches by now. If you don’t know what they are, let me tell you about the most common ones. When there is no room behind the LED screen, front maintenance is recommended. The type of maintenance you choose is determined by the screen’s location and your specific needs.

What are the different requirements for the installation environment of the front maintenance LED screens and the rear maintenance LED screens?

Front-end maintenance is usually preferred when there is not much space to provide maintenance access. Then in the front maintenance, we have to provide a front maintenance access system, like a system with a “Lock” mechanism, a system with front screws, magnetic system, to name a few. Whereas the rear maintenance LED screen when used outdoor areas, the access mechanism must be designed so there is no water leakage. 

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  5. The minimum pixel pitch of 2.6mm

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