Shenzhen, China (March 27, 2020) – Giant LED screens have become an integral element of stage and show designs. Their picture quality and reliability count. To respond to the challenge of raised customer expectations for live events, Uniview LED launched Inno Pro series.

   Inno Pro, with no compromise on brightness, contrast or reliability, is the industry-leading solution for high-end outdoor rental applications. Featured with Uni-BnB technology, it carries higher brightness on black face LEDs, available in 4500~5000 nits at a perfectly reasonable power consumption.


inno pro series outdoor black face led display


   The Uni-BnB Technology is a unique solution developed by Uniview to have higher brightness on black face LEDs but keep the same level of heat dissipation as regular screens.

   Compared to regular solutions, Uni-BnB can achieve 15% more brightness at lower surface temperature. Alternatively, it reaches a much higher brightness in same level of reliability. With regular solutions, the brightness is lower than 4500 nits, usually at 3500-4000 nits. Once the brightness exceeds 4500 nits, the temperature on PCB and receiving card will be too high, leading to possible failure of the screen.

   Here’s the comparison among Uni-BnB technology, regular solution and Common Cathode Technology.


inno pro series comparison


   Unlike the Common Cathode technology which is based on customized solutions, the Uni-BnB technology has no constraint on choice of key components. Therefore, the Inno Pro Series uses the best LED and driver chips to deliver:

The best brightness as black face

The best uniformity in color

The best contrast with matte surface, low reflection

The best gray scale in low brightness


black face led display


   Inno Pro also boasts excellent reliability. Despite its high brightness, Inno Pro has passed the high temperature test which assures the reliability of use in a real outdoor environment. According to our aging test, it can run for 24 consecutive hours at 50℃.

   It is super lightweight. The 500x1000mm cabinet weighs 13kg only! Considering the challenges of having such high brightness, Inno Pro is absolutely one of the most lightweight of its kind in the market. Handling becomes super easy.

   It is designed for absolutely one-man handling. With two hands holding the top locks, pushing them up, it will self-lock with the upper cabinet. Even for the big cabinet which is only 13kg in weight, it is still easy enough for one man to install. When dismantle the screen, the top locks can be easily released by one hand. With one hand holding the cabinet shortly, the other hand releasing the locks, the job of dismantling can also be done by one person.

   Besides the above features, Inno Pro also boasts the maximum creativity, to be a flat screen, a curved screen, or a corner screen. It also features quick service, modular design, smart module, climbable frame, etc. It’s definitely a shining star of its kind in the market.