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  • falcon series dooh screen falcon series DOOH screen

    One Step Ahead
    Falcon series is designed to meet expectations of DOOH screens, with pixel pitches of 2.9 and 3.9mm. With higher brightness up to 6,500-7,000 nits and excellent reliability, it delivers brilliant performance in any weather conditions and harsh environments. To fit different needs, it can be installed curved, flat or at corner. Thanks to the fully front maintenance and installation design and the ultra-thin cabinet, it can perfectly blend in with the architecture and greatly save space.

    Product Features:
    Deformation-proof Module
    Front & Rear IP65
    Improved Heat Dissipation on Power Box
    Fully Front Maintenance and Installation
    Super Slim Wall Mounting
    Flat, Curved or at Corner

    Fixed & Rental

  • UO series dooh screen

    UO series is designed for outdoor fixed installations, with pixel pitches of 4.8, 5.95 and 9.6mm and brightness up to 5,500-7,000 nits. The cabinet is available in 2 sizes, including 500*1,000mm and 500*500mm. It offers front or rear access and carries a slim and lightweight design, which fits customers’ demands better.

    Product Features:
    Outstanding Visibility - 5,500-7,000 nits brightness

    Superior Image Quality
    Ultra-thin and Lightweight Design
    Front or Rear Maintenance

    Flat or Curved Shape Available


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