The entertainment industry dates back many decades, and over time it has been through a lot of changes and improvements. But the use of visual effects has become quite normal since a few decades ago. Thanks to the advanced visual effect technology, we can enjoy some amazing entertainment in the form of movies, such as Star Wars, The Avengers, Avatar, to name a few. Green screens have been widely used in film production, but there are many disadvantages and limitations. In this article, we will introduce a novel technique, which can change the way films are produced, i.e., LED wall display. The article will present a fair comparison between XR and the green screen in film production. 

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How does XR work?

XR, short for extended reality, refers to all real and virtual combined environments and human-machine interactions created with the help of computer technology. XR includes virtual reality (VR), Mixed Reality (MR), and Augmented reality (AR). Extended reality is used in many fields including, business, games, XR devices, etc. But in this article, I will discuss XR in the context of film production. The technology of extended reality uses LED screen display to develop visual effects. These visual effects help the actor better visualize the scenes in the movie. 

The pre-configured virtual environment is generated by a graphic engine, and then it is displayed on a high-resolution LED screen display during the film shooting. The technology perfectly blends the virtual reality scene and real-life scene. XR in film production is associated with many advantages, which will be discussed later in this article. 

The applications of XR and green screen in film production 

Due to the benefits extended reality technology offers, it has been employed in film production. Let’s examine the applications of XR and the green screen in film production.

The applications of XR in film production As a substitute for green screens

-To display imaginary scenes, places, and characters 

-To improve the quality of film production and to enhance the level of acting

– For full 3D Pre-visualization 

The applications of green screen in film production 

–         It is used as a backdrop against which footing is shot later and imposed on it during the editing.

–         To enlarge or shrink a character relative to their background

–         Make characters appear to fly or do impossible action stunts

–         Help simplify the film production 

Why use XR in film production instead of the green screen?

Before the advent of extended reality in film production, green screens were used. In front of a green screen, your favorite hero fights the demons or saves the world from an alien invasion. But it is very hard for the actors to imagine a creature they haven’t seen and a place they haven’t visited. But when XR is used in film production, the actors can see the exact environment around them, thus making them more comfortable and encouraging a more natural and realistic performance. The other challenges which give XR an edge over green screens include light adjustment and color spill. 

The benefits of XR in film production 

Now you must have imagined many benefits of using LED screen display in film production. If not, let me tell you what benefits can be expected from this latest technology. 

  1. LED screen display gives a perfect balance between natural and artificial lighting, thus creating an excellent acting environment for the actors. 
  2. It is a perfect solution for light adjustment and color spill. All you have to do is balance the brightness of the LED screen display. 
  3. Real-time pre-visualization 
  4. Cost-effective (The post-production costs can be significantly reduced.)

Uniview’s XR solution and its advantages

Keeping in mind the special requirements of actors and film producers, Uniview has come up with a creative solution, i.e., LED screen display. Our unique XR solution is a perfect choice to shot a movie whose production cost is minimal, and acting is realistic and flawless. We have got other reasons why you should choose Uniview’s XR solution:

  1. High refresh rate (Seamless and continuous transition of scenes) 
  2. High grayscale
  3. High frequency 
  4. High fidelity
  5. HDR (Greater brightness and color ranges with a higher bit depth)

The other advantages include size customization, highly modular design, simple installation and operation, super slim installation, high precision, and high flatness, and many more. Buy the innovative LED screen display and unleash the other advantages on your own. 


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