Recently, Shenzhen Uniview LED Co., Ltd. has won the 2018 German Industrial Design Award “IF Design Award” for its innovative design and leading performance. What is the strength of this product?

     Flex is a flexible display screen that Uniview launched for the rental market. It is designed to create a technologically advanced and powerful flexible display for rental customers. Flex made its debut at the ISE exhibition in Netherlands in 2018. With its innovative appearance design and powerful functions, Flex will bring the beauty and practicality into full play, gaining great praise from customers!

Technological Innovation – Unique Fully Flexible Module

     The Flex series inherits the full-flex design of the NIC series. The module is flexible enough to easily bend like a paper and can easily meet the curved shapes that are difficult to achieve for conventional products.

Perfect shape – single cabinet can achieve “S” shape

    Flex’s fully-flexible module design enables a single cabinet to achieve the “S” shape that is difficult to achieve with conventional products. The lines are soft and beautiful.

Smooth beauty – perfect curvature of inner and outer arcs

     When the display is made into a curved shape, it can give people a sense of beauty, nothing more than the beauty of the lines of curved shapes. When the conventional cabinet is engaged in curved design, the gap between the two cabinets is obvious, and the curvature is not continuous. Flex uses the innovatively designed full-flex module. When the inner and outer curves are modeled, the smooth transition between arbitrary sections of the entire screen is smooth and the curved shape is perfect.

Round aesthetics – only 14 cabinets are required to create a round shape

     Flex requires only 14 cabinets to create circular arc shapes inside and outside, with a diameter of only 2.2 meters. It can provide more creative designs for clients’ rental events and bring a new visual experience to the stage.

Keep it Simple- two-step operation

     Flex uses innovative curve lock design, press the lock and adjust the curve lock left and right stretching, just two steps to achieve a single cabinet curved shape design, make it simpler

Beautiful and practical – non-slip handles and cable groove design

     Excellent product design not only meets customer needs, but also brings good experience to customers. Flex cabinet handle adopts Uniview logo color, concise and generous, highlighting the company’s brand image; the handle is made of special plastic material, the surface is non-slip treatment, so that the cabinets handling and installation is more safe and comfortable.

     The Flex cabinet adopts an external fixed power cable design, supplemented by a cable groove fixing power cable, which can effectively improve the installation speed of the cabinet and the appearance of the cabinet is more tidy and beautiful

     The Flex is equipped with a newly designed mounting bracket, which has the advantages of convenient to use and light weight, and can provide powerful support for stacking of Flex products while saving installation space.

     The IF Design Award was founded in 1953 and is held annually by the Hannover Industrial Design Forum, the oldest industrial design organization in Germany. The award is known worldwide as the concept of“independent, rigorous and reliable”awards. Uniview Flex won the award this time. It represents the recognition of excellent Chinese manufacturing and design capabilities. Uniview will continue to innovate and provide customers with more excellent products.