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Rental Display

//Rental Display
  • led rental display rental LED screen

    The Ultimate Choice for Indoor Rental
    Astro series is uncompromisingly designed for indoor rental applications in every respect. The visual experiences: excellent. The maintenance, installation and dismantling: super easy. The weight: super light. The connection: multiple choices available. The curve: reliable and precise.
    Exceptional Visual Experiences
    Optimum Screen Flatness
    Modular Design for Easy Maintenance
    Quick Installation by Single Person

    Super Lightweight Design - 7.4kg
    Flat, Curved or Corner Screen
    Universal Module - Maximize Your ROI
    Reliable and Precise Curve

  • Tourpro series further expands Uniview’s outdoor rental LED display portfolio. It’s an ideal solution for touring application thanks to its user-friendly structural design, high-strength structure, transport dolly and easy maintenance. Besides, it also brings extraordinary visual performance to outdoor rental application where visual experiences matter.

    User-friendly Structural Design

    Transport Dolly
    Extra High-strength Structure
    Modular Design
    Easy to Service
    Extraordinary Visual Performance

  • 5,000 Nits Ultra-bright Black Face LED Display
    Inno Pro, with no compromise on brightness, contrast or reliability, is the industry-leading solution for high-end outdoor rental applications. Featured with Uni-BnB technology, it carries the highest brightness among outdoor displays with black LEDs, available in 4500~5000 nits at a perfectly reasonable power consumption.

    Product Features:
    Uni-BnB Technology - High Brightness at Low Power Consumption
    Excellent Reliability
    Super Lightweight
    One-man Handling
    Maximum Creativity,Maximum Compatibility

  • The Inno series is the latest design for indoor & outdoor rental applications. It’s a family of products with different pixel pitches for indoor and outdoor, available in 500x500 and 500x1000mm cabinet sizes. Featured with one-man handling, curve, corner installation and quick maintenance, it’s the ultimate choice for most rental companies who need one product for all jobs.

    Extraordinary visual performance
    Super Lightweight
    One-man handling
    Quick service & Modular design
    Flat, curved or corner screen

  • LED rental screen

    Climbing Handle for Fast Maintenance on Site
    Modular Design & Easy Maintenance
    Identical Module
    Flat and Curved Shape Available
    Stabler Signal Transmission
    LED Protections
    Multiple Applications

  • Innovative full flexible module, single cabinet can achieve perfect "S" shape. Innovative curved lock design, two steps can realize the curved design in just one cabinet. Perfect curvature, 12 cabinets can achieve a circular shape. Anti-slip handle design.


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