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Indoor Fixed Display

//Indoor Fixed Display
  • indoor fixed display indoor fixed display

    GX Series optimizes the balance between minimize budget and satisfied quality standard. GX Series will create the greatest value for you by freely combining cabinets of different sizes and standardized universal modules. Figure on size of cabinets help to reduce processing and hardware in each cabinet, ultimately keeping manufacturing costs down. Except for the tiles simplistic design, it is fully front serviceable making it ideal for indoor advertising solutions in high-end retail stores and other places.

    Multiple cabinet size options
    Ultra-light & u
    ltra-thin design
    Multiple installation methods
    Easy service and maintenance
    More reliable
    Intelligent module

  • Fine Pitch LED screen Fine Pitch LED Display

    AT series is perfectly suited for workplaces and other situations where visual experience is critical, with pixel pitches ranging from 1.25 to 2.5mm. It’s tailored to meet the high standard of broadcast television. The exceptional design and reliable performance make it a shining star of its kind in the market.
    Stunning Visual Performance
    Super Slim Wall Mounting
    16:9 and Dot-to-Dot Ultra HD
    Fully front Maintenance and Installation
    Multiple LED Protections
    Power and Data Redundancy

  • led tile indoor fixed screen

    Extraordinary Indoor Installations
    EX series breaks the limitation on screen sizes with a combination of 4 cabinet sizes you need. The truly seamless corner connection ensures an exceptional visual experiences. It’s an ideal solution for indoor fixed installation, featuring super slim installation, easy maintenance and installation, etc. Whatever you want, all in EX series.

    Product Features:
    Maximum Flexibility in Cabinet Size
    Highly Modular Design
    Easy to Service and Install
    Super Slim Installation
    Truly Seamless Corner Connection
    High Precision & High Flatness
    Eye-catcher - Exceptional Visual Experiences

  • NIC Series is used for indoor curved installation project. The flexible module enables the screen to be made into various shapes such as column screen, reception desk screen, step screen, etc, bringing your creative ideas to life. The cabinet size can be customized based on specific requirements.

    Product Features:
    Flexible Module, Max Bending Angle ±30°
    Indoor Curved Screen, Minimum Pixel Pitch 2.6mm.
    Minimum Arc Diameter 0.95m.
    Customize LED Screen Shape
    Easy Maintenance


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