The technological advancement of the twenty-first century is unparalleled. And the world is turning into a global village. People are utilizing technological progress to boost their businesses and services. Whenever we roam in a shopping mall or go to our workplace, we come across indoor fixed LED displays installed at different places. The indoor fixed LED displays have gained immense popularity because they immediately capture people’s attention through the LED’s eye-catching display. These LED displays offer versatility in terms of size and therefore are compatible with multiple uses. The indoor fixed LED displays are the efficient modern tools of advertising and marketing.  

Uniview GX Series of indoor fixed LED display

The Uniview GX Series of indoor LED display is excellent in productivity because they can be bought at an affordable price and are super-efficient. Not only the economic feasibility but in terms of their usage, they can be used at various places for various purposes. The GX Series indoor fixed LED displays are compatible with multi-purpose usage because of the versatility in their size and design. This feature is essential because people prefer products that can be practically useful for them. Because of this versatile design and size, the GX series offers multiple ways of application of the LED. The Uniview GX series of indoor fixed LED displays has multiple cabinet sizes and is very appealing to people looking to buy indoor fixed LED displays.

Top 6 features of Uniview GX Series of indoor fixed LED display

1.The high-cost performance

The manufacturing cost of a tech product is a great contributor to setting the price of the product. The Uniview GX series of indoor fixed LED displays are designed in such a way as to keep the LED display’s manufacturing costs down. It makes the LED a practical option even for people who are not looking to invest huge money into their business because the Uniview GX series is top-notch in terms of performance. The low cost of the product makes it an attractive option.

2.Multiple cabinet size options

Uniview GX Series of the indoor fixed display comes in multiple sizes, facilitating different cabinet options. To be precise, nine different sizes are available in the GX series. This feature is significant because the demand for Indoor fixed LED displays is versatile in terms of size. So the GX series makes sure to meet this demand by offering multiple cabinet size options. This feature also makes the GX series a good LED signage display product.  

3.Ultra-light & ultra-thin design

The design of the GX Series of indoor fixed LED display is ultra-light and ultra-thin, making the LED a top priority in places where space utilization is needed. The GX Series can be used as hanging displays through the support of the beam. When used in Atriums, the LED displays offer spectacular viewing through their hanging design and lively displays. 

4.Multiple installation methods

Due to the diversity in size and design, the GX Series of indoor fixed LED displays can be installed in multiple ways. It can be set up directly on the wall, or it can be hanged through the support of a beam. It can also be installed at right angles to the wall. Besides, The GX Series also gives the option of spliced cabinets. 

5.Easy service and maintenance

The front of the GX Series of indoor fixed LED display is made in such a way that it is serviceable. Furthermore, the LED requires low maintenance because it has inside cable routing, which is hidden. The hidden cable routing also helps in keeping the LED clean. 

6.Intelligent module

The GX series module is advanced, and it imports the data automatically in situations when the module is changed. This intelligent module is chief in terms of the market. Besides, it also makes the product more reliable. 


Sustainability is a key term that is often coined in today’s world, especially whenever we try to measure the overall effectiveness of a product or a company. The GX series of indoor fixed LED displays of Uniview is a top product in its productive capacity, and its price is affordable. Furthermore, we made sure that the manufacturing materials used in the production of the product have a minimum carbon footprint so that the GX series of indoor fixed LED displays are an eco-friendly product as compared to its competitors in the market. Our product ticks all the boxes of sustainability and is a stellar option. We will be your most reliable partner.